VIP Transport has made significant investments in both its human resources and technological infrastructure to increase the profitability of all its stakeholders, with its innovative solutions and reliable long-term sustainable growth since the day it was founded, and has made forward-looking services in line with the new conditions that emerged with the pandemic in 2019.

It undertakes to meet all of its customer’s needs and expectations with the experience it has gained in the France-Turkey-France line over a quarter of a century and the trust it has provided.


VİP Transport has domestic branches in Izmir and Konya, which stand out with their import and export volumes to France.


İzmir Office

Karacaoğlan Mah. 6172 Sk. No: 1/3 Işıkkent 35050 Bornova / İzmir

Telefon : +90 (232) 421 08 54
Faks : +90 (232) 421 08 15

Zekeriya Çiftçi

Konya Office

Nişantaş Mah. Kemerli Cad. Kemerli İş Merkezi
A Blok No: 9/308 Selçuklu / Konya

Tel: +90 (332) 238 33 22

Orhan Afşeoren


Continuing to grow rapidly by adding new customers to its portfolio every day, VİP Transport also undertakes new structures in order to increase competitiveness.

BRF Logistics Eood, VIP FRANCE SAS, and LOTUS Warehouse are our group companies serving with VIP Transport.

We are growing day by day by adding brand-new vehicles and constantly expanding our fleet in order to provide the most up-to-date, fast, and safe service for the needs of the industry and customers.

Your Customs Clearance and Warehousing Operations are Performed by Our Expert and Experienced Staff
Your goods are safely stored in our facility with 2000m2 closed area and 1500m2 open area.
Distribution is carried out through a wide transportation network extending all over France.
Import-Export customs clearance services are offered
Your cargo is safe with 24/7 camera recordings
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The storage of agricultural and food products is provided with the BIO certificate we have in accordance with 2008/848 EU laws.


We Are the Solution to Your Customs Clearance and Storage Needs in France

We are Solution Partners to Our Customers with the VİP France Brand

Our VİP France brand aims to be a solution to your customs clearance and storage needs in France as a continuation of our continuous growth. We carry out customs clearance and paperwork in our office in Paris. Additionally, your transactions are carried out by our expert and experienced staff at our facility in SÉTE port.

We offer distribution and collection services all over France, using our extensive transportation network along with our import and export customs clearance services. The safety of our customers’ cargo is our priority; Our facility is monitored 24/7 with camera recordings.

We offer solutions suitable for the storage needs of our customers by offering 1000m2 closed area and 1500m2 open area with our bonded and free storage services. As VİP France, we are happy to work to provide you with professional and reliable logistics services.

VIP FRANCE, established in France in February 2017 by the laws of VIP France Macron, provides logistics services throughout France.

Adresse : 200 rue Pontmartin 34200 Sete, FRANCE

Téléphone : 0033 6 77252316 – 0033 9 67252374



BRF Logistics Eood, established in Bulgaria to work faster in French transportation, and to bypass any problems that may arise from transit documents, operates on the France line with BRF’s self-owned trucks to support the transportation processes of VİP.

Our customers’ business processes are accelerated by customs and document tracking at the BRF office, which is located at the point closest to the first border gate of entry into Europe.

Address: Bautcher Str. No:5/2
Tel: 00359 89 778 26 41

LOTUS-Antrepo-VİP Transport Antrepo


LOTUS is one of the sister companies of VIP Transport and is a group company focused on warehouse/entrepot/customs services.

The company, which was founded in 2000 and currently operates with 30 employees, has an average occupancy rate of 80 percent in its warehouses.

Taking advantage of the latest opportunities in technology, LOTUS has pioneered many innovations in the sector in this field. The Customs Directorate continues to provide transparent, safe, and high-quality service with its well-informed management staff and expert workforce who are highly competent, educated, and have the capacity to work quickly. Lotus knows that the international prestige of the LOTUS brand is gained by the efforts of all company employees thus it embraces each employee as an important member of the LOTUS family.

While the commercial and customs rules of countries are constantly changing, our professional staff constantly follows the developments and prevents possible customs problems, thus ensuring that your shipments reach their destination without any disruption and on time.

The general warehouse and hazardous materials warehouse located in Hadımköy was established on an area of 5000m². In LOTUS’s 500m² dangerous goods warehouse, ADR class cargoes are served. The warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art systems in terms of security, and your storage is carried out by our dangerous goods safety consultant, by performing MSDS and Matrix Checks for each product’s suitability.

Address: Yeşilbayır Mh. Yapı Cd. No:21/A
Hadımköy / İSTANBUL

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One of the forces behind VİP Transport’s proven success is its agencies, which are described as our “business partners”. “Honesty” is the basis of the relationship that has been provided both ways and constantly improved for many years through agencies in France.

VİP Transport offers fast logistics services with its warehouses and agencies located throughout France, especially in Paris, Lille, Lyon, and Marseille. VİP’s agencies put us ahead of our competitors with a workforce that is familiar with French legislation, a strong guarantee structure, and time-saving business models.