As the trusted ambassador of trade and friendship between France and Turkey, we fulfil our promise 100% every day and offer flawless logistics services.

What is Logistics?

Logistics is the service of effectively and efficiently planning, implementing, transporting, storing and controlling the movement of all kinds of products, services and information flows within the supply chain from the starting point to the final point of consumption in order to meet the needs of customers.


VIP Transport offers winning solutions to its stakeholders in the field of logistics, which is the determining factor of competition in foreign trade.

Offering warehouse/entrepot services with its sister company LOTUS Logistics Warehouse, VIP Transport offers winning solutions to its stakeholders in the field of logistics, which is the determining factor of competition in foreign trade.

It creates added value by providing logistics services in direct proportion to the needs of its customers, fulfilling the work they undertake on their behalf in a faster, economical and highest quality manner.

The facility, where 7-24 security is provided, has an infrastructure equipped with uninterrupted internet and electricity connection.

It aims to reduce the costs of its stakeholders throughout the supply chain with warehouse/entrepot services and stock management and to complete the entire process with maximum efficiency.

  • VIP Transport, with its expertise based on years of experience on the Turkey-France-Turkey route and its dominance in the field, offers a perfect road transport service to all four corners of Turkey and France with its extensive transport network spread across both countries.

  • It provides partial and complete vehicle transport services between Turkey and France with its modern vehicle fleet equipped with environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art technology systems.

  • Thanks to its fully equipped infrastructure and perfect communication network, it has been one of the leading companies in the sector with its transparent and flawless transport service for years.

  • VIP Transport contributes to the realisation of trade worth millions of euros while contributing to the continuation of the Turkey-France friendship.

  • VIP Transport also offers special solutions for textile transport. It can load products from factories at the end of production and store the products of its customers until they are exported with its closed chassis vehicles specialized for textile and hanging transport.

  • Environmentally friendly vehicles with an average age of 1.7 years and all Euro 5 / Euro 6 standards can be monitored by the owner of the cargo 24 hours a day with a satellite tracking system.

  • Within the scope of partial transport service, it safely transports different types of cargo of its customers in a single vehicle thanks to its technology and special equipment.

  • Weekly, groupage, and complete departures are made almost every day from Turkey to France and regularly from France to Turkey.

  • In export and import, complete departures can be carried out almost every day in line with customer needs, and both complete and partial transports are delivered to the destination within 5-6 days.

  • There are no surprises about ‘time’ in VIP Transport’s transport. The time of arrival of the cargo to the delivery point is notified to the customer in advance and the given deadline is strictly adhered to (except force majeure).

  • In VIP Transport, transport operations are carried out by 120 drivers, each of whom has SRC, Psycho Technical, digital driving license, and ADR certificates.

  • The technology, that VİP Transport handles on the axis of environmental sensitivity and maximum efficiency in vehicle investment, is the biggest assistant of the team during operations.

  • Thanks to its technological investments, information such as distribution network, vehicle tracking, and daily-periodic reporting can be monitored instantly.

By combining flawless logistics services with technological investments
keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level