Expert and Reliable Brand of Turkiye-France-Turkiye Line

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With our expertise and dominance in the import-export line between Turkey and France since 1998, we offer an excellent road transport service throughout France. We are committed to increasing the profitability of our stakeholders who choose to work with us, while continuing our activities with the vision of adding value to trade between the two countries.

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To add value to international trade with the commercial success we have gained as a constantly developing and growing company, and to provide an exemplary service at world standards in the logistics sector. 


To contribute to the trade between Turkey and France by being the first and preferred brand in road transport in Turkey and France as a logistics service provider with proven expertise, quality and reliability on the Turkey-France-Turkey route.
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VİP-aş-website logo

To protect, and increase the brand image and awareness,

Committed to ethical values by sharing transparent information with our customers 24 hours a day, within the reliable and honest service approach to maximize our customers’ satisfaction,

To see our customers’ goods as our own, to ensure their security and preservation at the highest level, and to deliver them to their recipients on time,

To provide world-class transportation services according to the different business models and needs of our customers,

To establish and develop relationships based on mutual trust and information sharing throughout our service chain by using effective communication techniques with our stakeholders,

To make continuous improvement an integral part of our company culture by following technological innovations in the transportation sector, simultaneously with the world,

To grow continuously with the business model which is the most up-to-date technologies with its dedicated employees, and to work by believing in a mutually beneficial relationship with its suppliers,

To ensure that all our employees easily adapt to changes and innovations,

To provide sustainable returns to its shareholders by being the best in its class in profitability, with the support of its strong balance sheet,


To ensure the professional and individual development of our stakeholders by increasing their awareness and knowledge levels through training to improve their roles in our processes,

Considering customer data (financial data, personal information…) is extremely valuable and confidential. To fulfill its responsibilities within the framework of the obligations required by all relevant laws.

To take all security measures to ensure that the IT services used in the infrastructure of our corporate activities continue smoothly and uninterruptedly, and that personal and private data can only be accessed by authorized persons,

Knowing that each of our employees is very valuable, adopting a management approach that will keep their company affiliation and satisfaction at a high level,

To work to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by constantly improving service quality,

To prepare action plans and carry out the necessary work to protect and recover natural resources and minimize harmful waste.

* Our stakeholders: Our employees, suppliers, customers, subcontractors

Committed to ethical values, we work with a reliable and honest service approach.


We are the only company that shares instant information with our customers 24/7, 365 days a week.


We provide just-in-time logistics services to every point of the country with our “single line expertise” in Turkey-France-Turkey transportation.


We offer world-class transportation services according to the different business models and needs of our customers and meet all our promises.


We work to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by constantly improving service quality.

We use information technologies in the best way and constantly invest in our technological infrastructure.

Every day, we have 50-80 vehicles on site in both France and Turkey. We can intervene immediately against sudden problems.

We provide door-to-door delivery for both import and export.


VIP Transport has determined as its policy to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System, to maintain its effectiveness and to continue to develop activities, and to meet information security requirements by taking into account current and possible risks, taking into account legal conditions and customer conditions. and presented to relevant parties.

VIP Transport manages any risks that may occur to information assets and ensures that the information is clean, safe, and accessible.